About Red India

Rutland was known as a ‘red land’ because of its rich coloured soil and red sandstone was used to create many beautiful places and architectural building in India this the name ‘Red India’. From the moment you arrive, you will notice the difference – the attentive staff, the tranquil atmosphere and the subtle surroundings. We have opened the doors to ‘dining heaven’ where you will be given the full red carpet treatment!

Our passion for fine dining ensures that we select only the best suppliers and fresh authentic ingredients of the highest quality to provide exquisite dishes for all our customers

We are here to help you enjoy our food, so we recommend having yoghurt with our dishes. Raitha or lassi (yoghurt drink) can neutralise the effects of excess acid and the stomach. Please feel free to ask about special dietary needs such as gluten free, nut allergies or even diabetic needs. Coriander is used in most dishes, if you prefer a dish without coriander, please ask a member of staff.

And finally enjoy…

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